What We Test For

The Dor Yeshorim program was created with extreme care under the guidance and support of leading rabbinical authorities and medical professionals. Every policy in place and every disease that we screen for is carefully evaluated and scrutinized. Results are never divulged. This is one of the fundamentals of Dor Yeshorim and what separates us from other genetic testing organizations.

Our policy is that we will only test for diseases that present serious health issues and for which there is no cure. Rather than being an organization that is here solely to test for a long list of disease, we recognize that we are an integral part of the matchmaking process for Jewish people across the globe; a weighty responsibility indeed. Dor Yeshorim only tests for recessive diseases where pain and suffering is avoidable. This is because recessive diseases can only be passed to a child when both parents are carriers.

Dor Yeshorim’s panel of tests therefore currently screens for debilitating and recessive genetic diseases most commonly occurring within the Jewish community. These specific tests have been painstakingly researched and chosen based on their frequency and severity of symptoms. The decision to add a disease to the Dor Yeshorim panel of tests is not a simple one. We are forever mindful of our mission to ensure healthy families. At the same time, we must employ a balanced approach to adding a test to the panel; just because a test exists for the disease, does not mean it warrants screening.

Our goal is to make matches, not break them. We work closely with scientists and our rabbinical board to make sure the tests we conduct are all in our community’s best interests.