In its mission to face genetic disease head-on, Dor Yeshorim will be having a parlor meeting in Lakewood, New Jersey, focusing on “Connecting the Dots and Picking up the Pieces” in the world of genetic disease.

The parlor meeting will be held at the home of Reb Shaya Engel and his wife on Sunday, June 26th, at eight o’clock pm. It will be hosted by committee members (in alphabetical order) Chaim Brown, Shmulie Ellenbogen, Efraim Feder, Menachem B. Friedman, Shia Meyer, Yitzchok Shmiel Meyer and Pesach Singer. Together with a lavish buffet dinner, the event will feature a premiere of the Dor Yeshorim Video: Against All Odds.

Dor Yeshorim is an organization that has been pioneering in the field of genetics for the past thirty-three years. Since its inception, it has rightfully and notably gained repute as the authority on all things genetic disease-related.

Today, Dor Yeshorim plays a vital role in the continuity of Klal Yisroel worldwide. This organization’s confidential, premarital genetic screenings in eleven countries worldwide and more than 400 schools each year has enabled it to save over 4,750 families from giving birth to children with fatal and debilitating genetic diseases.

And what about the hundreds of families that, rachmana l’tzlan, give birth to a child with a recessive genetic disorder? Dor Yeshorim is the pillar of support there to help them through their difficult journey, doing everything it can to ease the ordeal and prevent its reoccurrence.

After sitting down with the family for initial meetings, Dor Yeshorim conducts extensive genetic research to discover each family’s specific, disease-causing genetic mutation. Its dedicated team of researchers will then develop a customized, familial-based screening process for them. In this way, the family can marry off its healthy offspring with peach of mind, knowing they will produce future healthy generations.

What’s unique about Dor Yeshorim is its endorsements by many prominent Gedolei Hador, Rabbinic authorities and lay leaders across the spectrum, its mission to uphold the utmost confidentiality of those it tests and the way it’s constantly on the forefront in the medical world, investing millions of dollars to discover new genetic diseases and protect our children’s futures.

Despite the astronomical expenses Dor Yeshorim incurs on a daily basis, the minimal fee Dor Yeshorim charges for its screenings is significantly below the actual cost. Its programs and services are generously subsidized by the benevolent donors who understand the importance of its mission.

Says Reb Shaya Engel “…That’s when I realized that, from a fundraising perspective, Dor Yeshorim is at a disadvantage. While so many organizations help out in tear-jerking, tragic events, Dor Yeshorim is the organization preventing them from happening in the first place…And how can you display prevention?”

With this realization in mind, Reb Shaya will be opening his home to a parlor meeting to benefit Dor Yeshorim. “I invite you to join me in supporting the work of this lifesaving organization that has impacted so much of our lives.”

Dor Yeshorim is an international nonprofit organization dedicated to the prevention of Jewish genetic diseases, conducting screenings at locations all over the world, spearheading groundbreaking genetic research and assisting families that have children that are affected with rare genetic diseases. For more information about Dor Yeshorim’s programs, please contact them at: (718) 384-6060, email or visit their website at